Craft Services provides buffet style snacks and drinks on movie set locations to the talent, cast, camera, sound, electricians, grips, props, art director, set decorator, hair and makeup, background personnel working on TV, video, film, commercial and print productions of any size. Items will vary daily.  New table cloths and baskets/containers delivered daily to keep table looking fresh.

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Craft Services For Movie Set Locations 

Package A: Coffee/Tea/Beverage service, assortment of danish and pastries, granola/sports bars, assorted cereals, yogurt, fruit juices, pretzels, chips & salsa/dips, nuts, assorted cookies and candies, trail mix, dried fruit, etc. Fresh fruit & veggies


Package B: assortment of danish, pastries, bagels, muffins and fruit along with granola bars and cereal for early morning table.  Mid morning snacks consist of cheese and crackers, trail mix, fresh fruit, hummus tray, cottage cheese & fruit, yogurt pretzels, dried snack peas, chips and dips, etc.  After lunch choices include a variety of cookies and candies, pudding, fresh seasonal fruit and veggies, applesauce, sports nutrition bars, rice crispy treats, etc


Package C: complete assortment of danish, pastries, doughnuts, muffins, bagels & lox, cereal assortment, dried fruit, fresh fruit platters and more.  Special items (will vary daily) include yogurt breakfast buffet with assortment of yogurts, fresh fruit, nuts and toppings, bagels with assorted crème cheese flavors, etc.  Mid morning snacks include meat/cheese platters, trail mix, fresh fruit, deviled eggs, beef/turkey jerky, large assortment of dried snack items, gourmet chips and dips, fresh vegetable platters, etc.  Afternoon snacks include assortment of cookies and candies, pudding, sports nutrition bars, trail mix, nuts, etc.  Special items might include an afternoon Red Bull and juice bar or Hot Spicy Cider for a cold and rainy shoot or individual servings of Maple/Walnut yogurt sprinkled with blueberry/oat granola for early morning.











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