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#1 Continental Tray – Croissants, Danishes, muffins, bagels, Boiled eggs

#2 Breakfast burritos, Fruits, Yogurt w/ mixed fruit granola

#3 French toast casserole, Maple syrup, Spiced Mixed fruit, Sausages

#4 Steel-cut oatmeal, Bagels w/ cream cheese, Breakfast fruit cup (oranges, bananas, raisins, and yogurt)

#5 Egg casserole, Biscuits w/ jams, Bacon

Breakfast beverages –  coffee, tea, juices


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#1 Marinated Grilled chicken, Rainbow rice, Pasta Salad, Dinner Rolls

#2 Focaccia Sandwich trays, Potato salad, Chips, Fresh fruit

#3 Bar-B-Que Beef on buns, Baked beans, Corn on-the-cob, Macaroni salad

#4 Asian Barbecued chicken, Rice, Mandarin salad, Fruit

#5 Salad Bar (assortment of salads), Dressing, Crackers and breads, Fresh fruit

#6 Beef and chicken fajitas w/ pico de Gallo, Flour tortillas, Shredded cheeses, Grilled peppers & onions, Mexican rice, Black beans

#7 Burgers (Beef & Salmon burgers), Condiments, Chips, Assortment of melons

#8 Croissant Sandwiches (Ham, Roast beef, Smoked turkey), Chips, Veggie tray, Fruit tray

#9 Fried chicken dinner, Mac & Cheese, Green beans, Salad, Dinner rolls

 #10 Hot Dog Bar, Beef hot dogs, buns, Chips, Asst condiments

 #11 Crab & salmon cakes w/ Remoulade sauce, Garden Vegetable orzo

#12 Grilled kabobs (beef & chicken), Grilled vegetables, Greek salad

Grilled Kabobs











Cookie & brownie trays, Sheet cakes, Sliced pie tray, Sliced pound cakes, Blackberry cobbler, Peach cobbler, Apple cobbler, 

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