Whether you call them hors d’oeuvres, small plates, first courses or nibbles, wraps, dips, buffets, appetizers are the party food that gets the party started!

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Hors d’oeuvres Catering Services

Quiche Assortments  an assortment of bite-sized spinach & cheese. Four Cheeses, onion, mushroom & pepper: 45 pc.   $50.00 
Turkey Quesadilla – Smoked turkey, Monterey Jack Cheese, peppers, fresh cilantro rolled in a flour tortilla. 50 pc $55.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Meatballs – savory meatball with a sweet and sour sauce. 60 pc.   $55.00 
Pastrami and Pepper Rollups – Sliced pastrami with cream cheese spread and roasted red peppers. 40 pc.   $35.00 
Crabcakes w/ Remoulade Dipping Sauce – a blend of crabmeat, peppers and spices, lightly breaded. 40 pc.  $60.00 
Hye Roller – Meat and Cheese filled tortillas. Serves 18 – 22  $50.00 
Smoked Salmon – Toast, cream cheese, horseradish spread. 50 pc.  $90.00 
Savory Cheesecake – Pesta and Sundried Tomato (w/ assortment of crackers. $8.00} Serves 20  $50.00 


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