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Catering Contract Worksheet

Jeri’s Catering Services

40302 Springpark Lane
Palmdale Ca. 93551
661.816.2902 Date:___________________

Requestor Name______________________________________


Phone Nos___________________________________________

Name of Organization___________________________________

Billing Name__________________________________________

Billing Address_________________________________________

Estimated Number of Guests_____________  Final Guarantee of Guests_______________

Event Date_______________ Event Day__________________  Serving Time_____________

Event Location______________________________________________________________

Event Will Be (circle one)     Breakfast              Lunch             Dinner


Requestor Will Provide    Tables   Chairs   Table Cloths    Napkins

JCS Will Provide Tables  Chairs  Table Cloths (paper/ linen, color)  Napkins (paper/ linen, color)

Centerpiece Head Table       Yes       No            Number of persons___________

Table              Buffet

Paper Mats        Yes        No

Paper Napkins    Yes       No

Price $______________________   Authorization Signature____________________________

Jeri’s Catering Services Signature            ____________________________

All prices quoted are based on a cash purchase. We use Paypal for credit card or check payment